Altro provides high-quality solutions across a range of flooring products and wall cladding for a variety of sectors including healthcare, aged care, hospitals, education, housing, hospitality, retail, offices and more. With durable, sustainable options available alongside designer items and products that dampen sound for busy public spaces, our in-depth range, coupled with years of industry expertise and experience, means we can tailor exactly the right flooring and walling products for your needs. With offices across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East, we remain committed to developing floor and wall solutions that stand the test of time.

At Altro, we work with our aged care customers to create welcoming, attractive, inclusive and safe spaces to help residents live well physically and emotionally, using durable floor and wall solutions developed with this in mind. Many of our customers tell us that your priority is giving residents independence as this has a significant impact on wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Achieving this in a space that feels like home, not a clinic, makes even more difference. We strive to deliver this for our customers and their residents, staff and visitors. Find out more here:

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