Dex Lab Pte Ltd, SINGAPORE

Dex Lab Pte Ltd

Dex Lab is a pioneering social robotics solution provider based in Singapore. With our solutions we seek to augment organizational roles that require repetitive social interactions in the health care, education and services industry.

We are a subsidiary of Nova Group, who is a leading provider of ready-to-deploy, industry-focused application software and services for both the Government and Healthcare sectors with an international track-record.

Our products are built on proprietary technology guided by an in-depth approach to understand industry demands and the clients’ requirements, ensuring these solutions meet our customer’s productivity and organizational needs.

Dex lab currently offers 2 different product ranges of social robots.

Our multi-competency humanoid social robot, Dexie, is currently positioned to be used in the elder care sector powered by our dementia care program which allows Dexie to engage nursing home residents with different engagement activities during structured and unstructured time.

Our range of mascot style social robots which can be customized to embody different organizational mascots or Intellectual property based characters to serve as a promoter and branding tool.

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