Gym51 Swim Tank, SINGAPORE


Gym 51 was founded in June 2020, during the midst of the pandemic. This was the period where the founder saw a huge potential in the fitness industry in Singapore. In a short span of 2 years, we have managed to work with plenty of end users in building their home gym. We also worked with commercial gyms in supplying them with quality fitness equipment to their premises. Some notable clients that we have worked together includes commercial gyms such as higher performance, revolt fitness and trident fitness. We have also worked with several government agencies such as the Singapore Police Force, Singapore Civil Defence Force and Singapore Navy.

Gym 51 supplies gym equipment to both commercial and individuals. The latest product includes the Swim Tank that is tailored to help the elderly or anyone looking at aqua therapy to rehabilitate at a private pool setting.

Ageing Asia Pte Ltd
1 Commonwealth Lane, #08-34
One Commonwealth
Singapore 149544