The Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS)
The Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) is an independent, non-government and not-for profit organisation established in 1948, providing quality housing for the people of Hong Kong.

Incorporated by Ordinance in 1951, HKHS has implemented various housing schemes to meet the needs of niche markets.

Governed by Members with a Supervisory Board and an Executive Committee made up of professionals coming from different sectors of the community, we have been serving the Hong Kong community with a social mission.

Subsequent to the first rental estate in Hong Kong, Sheung Li Uk, built in 1952, HKHS has developed over 20 rental estates and implemented different housing schemes over the years, including the Flat-For-Sale Scheme, Urban Improvement Scheme, Sandwich Class Housing Scheme, Home Starter Loan Scheme, Urban Renewal Project, Subsidised Sale Flats Project and elderly housing projects.

With regard to property management, the portfolio of HKHS covers its 20 existing rental estates, accommodating around 81,000 residents in some 33,600 units.

We are also providing property management services for over 20,000 private flats.

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