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Moments Furniture
Moments Furniture was founded in Belgium in 1935 as Braekevelt. We quickly earned a strong reputation as a specialist in the development and production of care furniture and as an advisor for the design of complete care interiors.

The secret of our success for more than 80 years? In our designs and interior concepts we always look for a balanced combination of comfort and style.

At Moments we always go for functional design. You can see that just by looking at our seating and care bed collections.

Moments Furniture (since 1935), specialists in Care Interior Furnishings. Our mission is to create seating solutions offering more comfort and a feeling of well-being We produce, upholster and assemble state of the art healthcare furniture.

We produce all of our seating solutions in Belgium, our furniture is made by passionate craftsmen. We offer the best possible optimal, innovative and qualitative solutions for health care.

What makes our collection of care furniture so special? Each piece is designed and manufactured with the utmost care, perfectly combining form and functionality.

Our ergonomic designer furniture provides a total experience. Delivering the highest level of comfort, tailored to the needs of users.

They are made from high-grade sustainable materials. And last but not least: they look fantastic. Our stylish chairs, armchairs, sofas and accessories strengthen the warm, cosy, inviting feel of the interiors in which they are placed.

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