wissner-bosserhoff GmbH in Wickede (Ruhr)/Germany is a global leading supplier of innovative, high-quality bed and furnishing solutions for hospitals, retirement homes and residential care establishments.

Our continuous goal is to make care more effective and thereby increase the quality of care. In this way, we enable dignified care with more self-determination for residents and targeted support for nursing staff. Together with care experts, we develop intelligent, sustainable and economical products that feature home-like designs while focusing on the safety of residents and caregivers.

sentida sc – As versatile as your needs

New concepts for housing and living in old age are in demand. These include the desire to be provided with more coziness, individuality, safety, comfort, and flexibility in the furnishing of corresponding living arrangements.

With the new bed platform sentida sc and tailor-made concepts, wissner-bosserhoff is able to respond to the different requirements even more flexibly, efficiently and demand-oriented. We want to support the maintenance and promotion of individual mobility as an overarching and essential goal in care in a solution-oriented manner.

Functional. Intelligent. Dignified.

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